Bath & Bedrest

Today was Terry's first day back, and a nice day at that, so we went for a walk. It was a leisurely stroll, I'm really moving slowly now, even on the flat parts (which is all the parts since we started driving up the hills to start our walk at the end of the road). We walked something between one and two miles in 43 minutes.

Then I decided to take a bath. My feet and legs have been terribly swollen lately, and several people have said that soaking them (preferably in a pool, but a bath will do) will help distribute the fluids. I also tried out the moisturizing bath milk I picked up at the spa last week. It didn't seem particularly moisturizing, I'm glad I didn't get the large bottle they first tried to sell me. I bathed and soaked for about 30 minutes, and I think it did help relieve the swelling, and was generally relaxing.

So relaxing that I decided I needed to rest a bit afterwards, and have been in bed ever since. I was going to go to the big penance service at church tonight, but changed my mind. While there will be a bunch of visiting priests, because they are distributed throughout the church a lot of lines will be standing only, and one can be in line for up to an hour. I decided I'd be better off taking my chances on Thursday night (when my parish has regular confessions) because there are chairs lined up to sit in while you wait, and as long as you're there a little early, you'll get a seat and won't have to spend any time standing. I'm really against standing since my feet started puffing up, since standing makes it much worse than even walking around.

I'll probably stay in bed here until dinner, then maybe I'll have enough energy to either paint the bathroom trim, or start painting the closet door in the master bedroom. Terry informed me today that the carpet will be installed in the master bedroom on Thursday. Yay! So now that I've avoided going into labor until Terry returned from NJ, my next immediate hope is that I'll make it until at least Friday. If the movers are coming on Friday (I don't know what day they'll arrive yet), then it would be best if I could make it to the weekend.

But that's just my immediate hope. Ideally, I think I'd like to have a baby with a birthday on April 14th. That seems like a nice day. Or the 16th. It would be a drag to have your birthday on tax day every year, so the 15th isn't ideal. And anytime earlier in the month isn't too bad (except April 1st, that would also be a bummer) except it increases the chances of having a birthday during Lent, which isn't ideal. And holding off until the 13th at least would get me past Easter this year. I like going to all the Holy Week services, and I wouldn't be able to go if I had the baby before then, so it's for both convenience and symbolism that I'd prefer to have an Easter-season baby instead of a Lenten baby. That said, it's not a really strong preference, of course I'll be happy to have the baby whenever it decides to come out.

I'm starting to have more frequent practice contractions, but I still don't feel anything "different" that makes me think that labor will be imminent. I've still got a week and a half until my due date, and as far as I can tell, the baby will probably gestate until then. It's still moving around a bit, still in about the same position it's been in for the past few weeks.