So Much For The Comfortable Bed

The movers delivered our furniture from NJ this morning, but unfortunately, they didn't transport the mattress very well. We paid extra so they would properly protect the mattress so it wouldn't get messed up, and they wouldn't be able to blame us for inadequate packing. But it arrived with a 7" rip in the bottom, and stained in multiple places.

Had Terry left the mattress cover in place, the mattress warranty probably would have covered the stain removal, but he took it off before the move. He was sitting right there next to me when we were in the store and the clerk explained the terms of the warranty to us, but he forgot that we needed to keep the mattress cover on at all times.

So now we've got to recover from the movers. But they didn't give us a "bill of lading" so I'm waiting for them to call me back about that. This is a problem. Of course we can't unwrap the mattress until this is straightened out, I'll have to take photos to show that the damage occurred through the plastic they used to cover the mattress.

I hope there is somewhere in Cville that can handle mattress repairs. What a hassle.