Sewing Til The Feet Puff Up

I was in a dour mood after finishing the taxes, thinking about what remained to be done. I thought that dinner at Otto's might cheer me up, but Otto's was surprisingly sub-par tonight. Both my burger and Terry's hot dog were overcooked, and the cook also failed to put lettuce on my hamburger. Considering I only take it with double mayo and lettuce, it was a big omission. And the fries, usually delicious, were just like any old frozen fries, and not even particularly crisp at that. So the disappointing dinner did NOT cheer me up.

Terry did consent to swing by the Dairy Queen after dinner to get me a blizzard. I tried the Blizzard of the Month which was "Midnight Truffle". Now THAT cheered me up! Deeee-licious. Terry got me something other than the small size I usually get (I don't know if it was a medium or large), but I had no problem finishing it off on the ride home.

It perked me up enough that I was able to put the first coat of paint on the master bedroom closet door, and even continue work on my quilt. I finished painting at 8:30pm, and was able to sew for 1.5 hours before my feet were so puffed up that they felt really uncomfortable. I put a decorative stitch around the center panel, and quilted around each square during that time. I didn't notice until the end that I hadn't changed my bobbin thread from white (which I was using for the baby sheets) to the natural color I was using on my quilt. Oh well, at least it's on the back and not on the front. Although I suppose I would have noticed right away if it was on the front. Regardless, it's a minor issue.

I still have to stitch-in-the-ditch around a few parts of the center panel to help hold the layers in place before I learn to do the rest of the quilting, but I really couldn't stand the puffiness in my feet anymore. I'm paranoid about getting stretch marks on my feet, of all places. I'm telling you, they get really puffy.

I've still got 30 minutes minimum until I can put the second coat of paint on the closet door, so I'm back in bed with my feet up. I hope the swelling goes down enough that at least I can be comfortable while I'm painting. It will be so nice to get the bedroom done. I hope the curtains I bought match the rug, it's been so long since I ordered them I don't even know if they're in the return period anymore. I didn't think it would take this long to get the carpet installed, but Terry had his prerogative. . .