One Carpet Done!

The master bedroom carpet is installed! It both looks and feels great. I can see the seam that runs through the middle of the room (unavoidable since the carpet only comes in one width), but I wasn't able to notice the seam that runs the other direction-- the infamous "T-seam" that Carpet Plus wouldn't price out for us. Well worth the $800 savings, chalk one up for Terry.

There is fuzz coming up off the wool, and I've read that wool carpets typically shed for a few months after installation, so I guess we'll just keep a vacuum cleaner up here so I can hit it with frequent cleanings until the fuzz goes away. Merlin likes the carpet, he was already rolling all over it.

One of the carpet installers showed us his severed finger. Apparently, he cut the tip off a few weeks ago, and they can't replace fingertips if they're cut clean off. He didn't seem to broken up about it, he said he's been in the business 47 years, and this was the first time he'd cut a finger off. He seemed to think that was a pretty good record. I thought to myself that it was even better that he didn't get cut UNTIL he'd been on the job 47 years, it probably would have been more of a drag if he only had one cut finger during that time but if it happened when he was in his 20s instead of as an old guy. Maybe that's what he meant to say.

Terry is now reconfiguring the closet a little bit for me. He had a good idea about where to put the long dresser in there, I hadn't considered that it would be inconvenient to open the drawers where I originally thought to put it. He's got to move the shoe racks to fit the dresser, then I'll decide where I want them. I hate where they are now, and don't use them, since they're under my long dresses and I can't see the shoes unless I bend over. I think I'd prefer it along the back wall of the closet so I can just walk straight in and flip my shoes onto the rack when I get undressed. They're only for my common-wear shoes (sneakers, flip-flops, casual flats), I store all the nice ones in my slide-out box system.

Unfortunately, I can't use this opportunity to do a thorough closet purge since I can't really judge what does or doesn't fit me. I guess I can do a half-purge and get rid of anything that I no longer care for from a fashion perspective. Or perhaps I could separate the clothes into HOME and PUBLIC sections, and wear the home stuff around the house while I've got the baby, expecting those clothes to get stains, etc. and save the public clothes for when I go out (particularly without the baby).

Yes, perhaps it's not prudent to get rid of any old clothes just yet. Might as well wear them all summer and completely trash them then throw them out rather than give them away now and wind up ruining nicer clothes. I do have several outfits that are otherwise cute but have small stains already. They'll be fine for around the house with Terry, and will keep me from wearing T shirts and sweatpants every day-- like I'm pretty much doing now. But it's the week before my baby is due, I'm cutting myself some slack. I've been reasonably fashionable when I went out for most of my pregnancy.