Under Siege

As Terry and I headed out for a walk this evening, a huge contraption came into view as we neared the top of our driveway. I didn't know what the heck it was, but Terry said, "Oh, that must be Nathan's trebuchet, it looks like we're under siege."

Our next-door neighbor built some sort of monster catapult, which unbeknownst to me is also called a trebuchet. We joked about the level of social unrest caused by the financial crisis, that we didn't expect to be targeted so soon (since we're not in France, after all). Nathan and his friend were burning something near the contraption when we returned from our walk, and I went to get my camera since this is just one of those bizarre things that show up on or around our property from time-to-time, and I wanted a picture.

Nathan's mom Karen came out and told me the evolution of the boys' experiment, and how they came to be flinging rocks and skulls into our upper field. Turns out they were mostly testing the trebuchet in their own yard, but then it misfired once and a rock landed just 10 feet from the house, so they were banished to the road. They were originally aiming into the Henley's field, but just when they were about to get started, the herd of cows wandered over to this side of the property. And since we have no cows, our field was the next safest target.

Once we realized they were actually aiming into our property, and not the Henley's, we were quite relieved when Karen came out and put a stop to whatever fire the boys had set. It seemed obvious that after flinging rocks, they wanted to try out flaming objects. Teenage boys don't seem to have a good grasp of the odds that their actions could cause significant property damage. I guess that's why kids don't move out until they're at least 18, they really do still need a lot of parental supervision.

Here's the video I made: