Sleep, Glorious Sleep

I am so glad that my "second sleep" worked this morning. Yesterday, I couldn't fall back asleep after my 5am breakfast, and I was tired and miserable all day. Really tired, really miserable. Just the day before I was feeling fine, in good spirits, ready to carry the baby as long as necessary. But just one night without enough sleep, and I was laying in bed hating my existence just wanting the baby out so I could feel better.

I was so tired after I woke up the first time this morning, that I tried to just go back to sleep without eating. No dice, I had to get up, the hunger was too much. But when I came back upstairs I crawled back into bed, and while I didn't fall immediately asleep, I did eventually fall asleep again and got another 3.5 hours. Hopefully, that will be enough to help me feel better today.

I am surprised by the dramatic difference in mood that just a few hours of sleep makes for me now. I will have to remember that my moods are temporary so I don't get too depressed on bad days. I was very moody during the hormone changes during my first trimester, so I suspect that will happen again after the baby is born as I adjust back to a non-pregnant state.