The Ants Are Back

Terry just informed me that the ants are back. Ants have some way in from the garden through the wall of our kitchen, and while we haven't seen them all winter, I guess they are back.

He asked me to please try not to make crumbs when I come down to eat breakfast at 5am, since there were ants all over the floor when he went down to make oatmeal for us just now. The problem is that I didn't even realize that I made any crumbs this morning. If I don't know when I make crumbs, then I don't think I'll be able to make sure that I DON'T make crumbs.

C'mon, it's 5am, I am barely awake and starving. I told Terry the solution would have to be that he makes extra oatmeal that will be in the fridge, or that there are some crumbless leftovers for me to eat. Because I don't think it's realistic for me to notice if I make crumbs or not from crumbly food, the best solution will just be sure there is non-crumbly food available that I can grab and eat.