Fixed Mattress

Since I never did hear back from Rudy's Cleaners about having them clean my mattress, and they're the only cleaners in town I'd trust to do the job, I went ahead and fixed the mattress myself.

It took awhile, but I used the "dry suds" method, and it worked pretty well. I had to use an old toothbrush to scrub the suds in/dirt out, and a bunch of clean cloths to soak up the dirt, but now the mattress looks pretty good again. There is a little watermark now where the worst stain was, but it's not particularly noticeable so Terry and I can live with that.

I also sewed up the tears in the cloth on the bottom of the mattress. Even though I had Terry bring in the stool from the sewing room so I could sit while I mended, I was surprised by how tired it made me. I had to stop partway through the large tear and go lie in bed and rest. But I finished the job later in the afternoon.

I also finished pulling out all the staples from the headboard, and Terry unscrewed the legs so it's almost ready to cut to size (Terry will do this using his table saw). Maybe we'll do that after church-- if we do, I can get the headboard back together this evening and we can sleep in our good bed, finally!

And once the bed is set up, it will no longer be leaning against the wall with the windows, so I can hang the drapes. And we'll see how high the bed is, and we'll be able to mount the wall units we're going to use as nightstands on either side of the bed.

Then I think the bedroom will pretty much be done. All that will remain is to slipcover the headboard and reupholster the two chairs, but those are low-priority items since they're multi-step projects in and of themselves.