Interior Is Getting There!

Terry has been doing a great job helping get the interior of the house in order. I especially appreciate his efforts, since 1) it takes me a r-e-a-l-l-y long time to get anything done myself since I move so slowly and have to rest a lot, and 2) I know Terry would much prefer to be working in the garden.

This morning, we cut the headboard down from King size to Queen, reupholstered it, and put both it and the bed into place in the bedroom. Yay!

I don't think the blue scheme I had going on with the last bedspread and pillows is going to work with the new carpet, but I'm not sure yet. It could be just that the print is too busy but the color is fine. So now I've got the bed made up with a cream-colored bedspread, and I put some dark red velvet over the headboard to try that out (when I designed the latest incarnation of the room, I had tentatively selected red as the accent color). I pulled all the neutral and brown throw pillows and put them on the bed, leaving the blue ones out for now. Looks pretty good. Although I might want a shinier bedspread, the one I've got on there now is a cotton jacquard.

I am impatient to get the curtains hung, but Terry doesn't remember where he put the rest of the drapery hardware I brought back from NJ in February. Grr. I hope it turns up soon, the room is going to look a lot more finished with window treatments. And he said we could put the wall-mounted nightstands up tomorrow. The new bed is really high, so our current nightstands are way too low to reach from bed.

Terry also did some work in my sewing room, moving the little cabinets into position. Really, they're just in temporary position until he builds me a table to fit over them. I thought he would just put a top on the cabinets to make a table, but he thought it would be better to make a table just higher than the cabinets so they could slide under it. That's fine with me. But we found a way to put them in the room so it is useful for me now while still using the folding table for my sewing machine. I'll be able to start putting all my spools of thread away now. Without drawers, the current table is just covered with spools of thread, bobbins, pins, needles, measuring tapes, you name it.

I also noticed that Terry has unpacked a box or two of stuff that was stacked in the parlor. All this, and then he went outside to do some work in the garden. I think he's continuing to put up the rabbit fence. He thinks it's a higher priority than putting up the deer fence. I disagree, but don't feel strongly about it so he can prioritize as he sees fit.

I intended to scan in financial documents so Terry could review our tax return, but instead have been playing the computer game "Flood-It" for hours. Yesterday and earlier I would play it from igoogle, but it kills your game every time the site refreshes, and I found it maddening. Then last night I discovered I could play it on the site orkut.com without the refresh issues. So that's what I've been up to. I *did* take the sheets out of the dryer and make up the new bed, so at least I got *something* useful done this afternoon. But I agree with Terry that my big accomplishment for the day was reupholstering the headboard.