Getting Ahead of Myself

Today Terry and I ran a few errands after my midwife appointment, and I picked out a dozen prints to use to quilt a shower curtain for the nursery bathroom. I've been eager to start this project since I conceived it, and was glad for the opportunity to pick up the fabric today.

But when we got home, I realized I had gotten ahead of myself a little bit, considering that I haven't yet finished painting that room. I should finish that up before I worry about a new shower curtain.

I didn't sleep well last night, so I was able to nap for most of the afternoon once we got home. I guess I did do something useful before my nap, since I washed my new fabric plus a load of diapers and bathrobes (although I fell asleep after I got them in the dryer, I'll see if I can get Terry to finish putting them away. . .). When I awoke, I was determined to at least paint the remaining half-wall in the bath. It only took about ten minutes, which was good, since even that exhausted me since it was the lower half of the wall and I had to bend over and squat to reach near the floor. Now all that remains is the trim. I am determined to finish that tomorrow. There is not much trim to paint, the bathroom is small and there's only one little window. And I already painted some of the trim around the doorways, I think I just need to touch it up in places.

I got a new puzzle book while we were shopping-- I've nearly completed the one I got last month. It's easier for me to work my puzzles now than play video games since I can do the puzzles from bed, and I spend about half of the day in bed now. Even sitting on the sofa isn't as comfortable as it used to be since my feet swell unless they are at least level with my hips. Although I've got pillows all up on the ottoman to help out, it's more of a nuisance to get up off the sofa than off the bed. Especially since the new bed is so tall-- it's much easier for me to get into and out of than even the bed in the nursery.

This evening I couldn't help myself, I started to cut the squares for the quilted shower curtain. I'll need to cut the equivalent of 24.5 fat quarters to get a 70" x 70" finished piece (standard shower curtains are 72" x 72", so I figure I'll just use some extra binding around the edges when I'm done). I cut three colors, so I'm 25% done with the cutting. I'll try to discipline myself and not work on it more until I've finished the married-filing-separate calculations for the Federal taxes, and painted the bathroom trim. Then I'll reward myself with more quilting before I start the state returns.