Draperies, Paint, and 1-mile Walk

Still pregnant, so I'm still nesting. I didn't sleep particularly well last night (although better than the night before) since my hips were hurting me all night and I kept flipping over trying to get comfortable. So I lacked energy and stayed in bed most of the morning. But Terry found the drapery hardware I've been missing for a month now, and I was able to supervise him installing the suspension cable, and I clipped and hung the curtains in the master bedroom.

Aaah, I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. The room is really starting to look furnished. I'm not sure that I like the minimalist cable "look", so I might want to add a valence of some sort to cover the hardware. I'm still thinking about it. Tomorrow I'll iron the curtains, they'll look much better with the wrinkles out. Today I just put them up right out of their packages to see if they'll be acceptable. Maybe I'll even be motivated to post a photo. Although I'll be MORE motivated once Terry actually puts up the new nightstands. The old ones SO don't work for me with this bed.

After lunch, I was feeling better, and even went for a 1-mile walk. Although admittedly, in the hope that it would induce labor (no such luck). But it was still good to get out and get some fresh air, move around a bit. When I got back I rested for awhile, and then, wait for it, I FINISHED PAINTING!

I've now finished all the painting I intend to do before the birth. I may still have a few touch-ups to do here and there, but I'll take care of them this summer when I paint the very top of the 13' ceiling wall in the master bedroom, the back of the secret door into the laundry room, the ceiling molding in the upstairs hall, and probably the parlor and downstairs bath. But those will be summer projects. For now, I'm done. All the trim in the nursery bath is painted, and the few trim spots that needed touching up in the master bath are done.

So I feel like I got a lot accomplished today, even though I didn't even look at the taxes. Tomorrow I'll deal with them. . . since I still want to continue with the quilted shower curtain, and I'm denying myself until I deal with the taxes. Since I missed today, I'll add that not only do I need to calculate the MFS federal status, I'll also need to prepare the 1st quarter estimated payments (both Fed and VA) and state extension forms before I go back to quilting. Maybe I can get all that done tomorrow, it really depends how I feel.

I'm feeling a variety of unusual things in my body. Nothing painful, no labor yet, but the baby does seem to be drifting lower in my body which is making certain positions very awkward if not impossible-- I was thinking while I was painting that I shouldn't have put it off so long, but better today than tomorrow. . .