Farther Walk, To No Avail

While I'm definitely in "pre-labor", I still haven't had any of the signs of impending labor (which I won't go into here since they're gross, check out a pregnancy site if you really want to know). Although I am feeling worse every day. By worse I mean more tired, crampy, with sore muscles all over (like the flu). Nevertheless, I went out for my daily walk. The sunshine and fresh air is a nice distraction.

Today we walked a little further than 1 mile. I was hopeful that it would jostle the baby a little further down, and it appears to have done so. Of course, it's now a little more uncomfortable for me to sit upright with the baby down so far in the pelvis, but fortunately I have plenty of locations where I can comfortably recline.

Last night I wound up accidentally knocking over my water while trying to turn off my sleep machine during one of my every-two-hours-all-night trips to the bathroom, and wound up having to try to sop water off the carpet at 4am while I have a reduced ability to bend over. I thought about waking Terry up but decided to just deal with it. I eventually got the water sopped up. But today I INSISTED that he install the wall-mounted nightstands immediately so I don't have to deal with that again. He balked and thought they would give me LESS room for all my stuff, but the important thing to me is that there are separate compartments for my different machines, and if I'm fumbling around the dark in one area, I'm not knocking things over in another area. Plus I explained to him which of our thermal mugs with lids are JUST thermal, and which are actually spill-proof. He didn't realize there was a difference, but now will just bring me drinks upstairs in the spill-proof mugs.

He wound up putting the shelves together wrong, and having to un-construct them and redo them. Both times; he did something wrong to the second unit despite having already put together the first unit. And he ignored my advice to check the weight rating of the wall anchors, and had to redo that part also after he used drapery anchors to hold up a shelving unit and nearly pulled out huge chunks of drywall. I can't say I'm surprised, Terry is just not very handy, which is why I usually take care of this sort of thing. And I was personally ready to do it today, but I just really can't lift anything right now. But he persevered, and finished the project, and it looks good.

I haven't arranged all my stuff on it yet, but I'll do that tonight. I've also got to see if the bedside lamps I got are bright enough-- I couldn't tell in the daylight.