Installing the Car Seat

I asked Terry to take the car seat to the firehouse to get it installed if he was going to run errands, but he didn't want to do that. I wouldn't have thought to do that either, but so many different people have said that it really should be done by professionals that I don't feel a strong reason NOT to take it in. But I did allow Terry to install it himself and then just take it to the firehouse to get it inspected.

What an ordeal-- now I know why my friends recommended I just go directly to the firemen. It seems that the car seat we got doesn't fit very well in our car. It sits just a little too low based on the shape and height of our front car seats to fit behind them when our seats are in their regular positions. Although if we put it behind the passenger seat, I can fit with the seat moved up, it just wouldn't be comfortable for long trips.

Although we don't have the "LATCH" system for the middle seat in the back, I pointed out to Terry that we could try the car seat in the middle and just use the seatbelt to secure it. That gives us more room up front, but it's a little awkward to take the seat off the base since we've got to do it with the handle pushed back, then set the car seat down, then adjust the handle to the carry position.

I also noticed that there was an option to just buckle the infant carrier directly to the back seat using the seatbelt without using the base. I can see how people might not like that, since you'd have to buckle it over the baby which is more of a hassle than just "clicking" the baby into the base. We tried to attach it that way, but it just didn't seem like it would be very secure. Frankly, it doesn't seem particularly secure even with the base.

Terry won't have time to get it inspected tonight, so maybe tomorrow. We're surprised it's so difficult, and even though we downloaded the full manual, and were also referring to our car's manual, it still wasn't completely clear. It seems that our seats are just a different size than the ones shown in the illustrations. Does everyone reflexively just buy a minivan or SUV when they have a child, so this is not a problem for most people?

Hopefully we won't have to take the baby anywhere for a few weeks after it's born anyway, but we were trying to be pro-active just in case we have to take it to the doctor soon after birth. But I think it's experiences like this that give me my natural aversion to baby paraphernalia. That, and the constant recalls. I got a free subscription to Parent magazine and every issue has recalls of cribs, high chairs, car seats, you name it. That's why we're not buying any of it. They're all death-traps. Baby can sleep in its cradle near the floor, and sit on our laps to eat.