Still Nesting

I finally got around to ironing the new curtains this morning, they look much better now. I washed two of the four windows in the bedroom yesterday afternoon. The sun shines directly in them around sunset, and that's the only time it's really easy to see all the dirt and streaks. If I'm feeling up to it, I'll clean the other two windows today.

The carpet guy returned today to check out the lump I felt under the carpet-- turned out it was a pen cap they had been using to mark the pad. It's all fixed now. I've decided that the bedspread with blue is no longer suitable with the new color scheme in the room, so I'll offer it to my mother-- she admired it when she was last here, and she has a king-size bed, and it matches the blue in her bedroom.

I haven't decided if I'll keep the decorative throw pillows for use on the TV-room windowseat or not yet-- the blue will probably match in there. But I do already have a handful of pillows, not sure that I need more. Actually, I could probably use them more in the upstairs lounge-- the throw pillows I used on the sofa in the apartment really don't match the current room, and the blue pillows will.

Fortunately, there was brown in the old color scheme, so I do have a handful of pillows in various shades of brown/tan/ecru, and they look good on the current bed. I've had a red velvet drapery tucked over the plain headboard for about a week now, and both Terry and I like the color so we're going to go with it. I probably won't bother sewing up a real slipcover right away (I'm still considering if I want any embellishments on the slipcover, or if I just want it as a solid color) since the makeshift one is staying on just fine.

Now for the curious, who have been reading about my decorating odyssey for the past several months, you get to see some photos-- I put together a little slideshow with some "before and after" photos of the master bedroom & master bath.

The finishing touches for the nursery are on hold since Terry is not eager to get the carpet ordered. He's really into getting the garden planted, so I told him he's got until the end of July to take care of the carpet in the nursery. I figure I'll work more on that room when I do my summer round of painting and decorating. For now, I'm ready to rest, and enjoy what I've accomplished.