1.5 Mile Walk Seemed To Do Some Good

Terry and I think I'm probably in "early labor" now. It's a stage that can last up to two days, and fortunately is not really painful. We took our walk a little later in the day than usual (around 4pm, I think), and I actually had the energy to walk 1.5 miles. Terry noticed I wasn't waddling as much as I was yesterday. The baby is definitely lower in my pelvis, which I think is helping my center-of-gravity, making it easier to walk. I was ravenous when we got home, so I took advantage of the appetite to eat some healthy food. Terry was surprised that I had the energy to walk so far today, but remembered that he read that often women get a burst of energy when they are in "early labor", so we figured this was just another sign that I'm there.

I'm still not having regular contractions (they are relatively few and far between), but I did notice that they have gotten significantly more intense since we got home from our walk. I view that as progress. Since it's already after 5pm and there's less than 7 hours left in the day, we don't think it's likely we'll have our baby today. But Terry and I both think it would be reasonable to expect to meet our son or daughter tomorrow (hopefully) or on Easter (which would be fine unless I'm having contractions continuously until then, I think THAT would be a drag, but am aware that it is entirely possible). Or maybe the contractions will stop altogether for awhile since that happens a lot in early labor, too. False starts, and all that. I'm keeping an open mind about it. It's all pretty interesting to me, having not been through anything quite like this before.

Terry is glad he made the trip to the grocery store last night to stock up on food for the weekend. Plenty of easy-to-digest foods, snacks, easy-to-cook stuff.

I'm bummed out to miss the Good Friday liturgy tonight, but it's long and would probably require too much energy from me for it to be prudent to attend. My midwife recommended that I eat a good dinner tonight and try to get to bed early so I can get as much sleep as possible. Sounds like a good plan. I'll start doing my puzzles early so it will make me tired. I guess it would be reasonable to aim for a 10pm bedtime, I have been falling asleep between midnight and 1am the past week or two.