Warm William

I haven't had a chance to post an update, or even make many phone calls since William warmed up since both Terry and I have been with him from 8am to 11 or midnight every day then straight home to bed so we can get a little rest before leaving by 7:15 the next morning.

But now William is sleeping comfortably on my chest and I'm borrowing Terry's phone to post this update.

William is doing very well now. He's had various tubes and wires disconnected each day as his little body stabilized and/or recovered bit by bit. His breathing has been the last thing he was able to figure out, but he did it today!

The doctors have slowly been reducing the pressure in his nasal aspirator, and today he went off completely when he got his MRI. While he was there his oxygenation and breathing rate were consistently normal, and his last tube has been out ever since.

He's supercute now that the only wires left are his leads and toe-light, but we've got photos of him every step of the way. He was pretty cute most of the time since he warmed up, actually. His behavior was a little weird and worrysome when he was chilled, but now he's acting just like a normal baby.

Terry and I are so happy, and the nurses have pretty much been letting us take care of him ourselves, especially since he transferred from the critical pod to the transitional pod last night around 6pm.

I'll post more once we bring him home-- if the results of today's MRI are good, we could be home pretty soon!

thank you for the update how

thank you for the update how you even have the time i dont know!

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