We're Home!

I'm posting from Terry's phone again, but this time from the comfort of our back porch. We're enjoying our first real family time, all hanging out together-- Mama, Daddy, baby, and our cats.

William's MRI was the last test result to come in, and we're delighted to report that there was not one speck of damage to his brain. There is no evidence that he had any seizures either in or out of utero, and his liver and kidney have already recovered from the minor damage caused by the period he was without oxygen.

Even after all the tests, the doctors said they'll never know exactly why William wouldn't breathe at first, or when exactly or for how long he was oxygen-deprived in the womb. There are only a couple of likely causes, and he was treated for them all simultaneously, and whatever the problem was, the treatments worked to arrest it.

So our little fella is now "officially" a perfectly healthy little boy! And he's good, too-- he eats well, sleeps well, and is easily consoled. Perhaps he figures as long as he's not shivering naked on a table at 34C, life is good.

While William is probably happy to receive visitors (albeit in his sleep since he's rarely up for more than a few minutes between eating and sleeping), my own recovery has been delayed since I've had to be so active since William's birth, and I am going to need a few days of serious rest. We'll probably be ready for visitors towards the end of the week, I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I should have the energy to make enough clicks on the computer to post those photos and videos over the next several days. But maybe none today, Terry and I are really content just sitting on the porch with our son, doing nothing but feeding him and watching him sleep. Precious. It's so novel being able to walk around a room with him, he's been tethered to a 5' radius around his machines for so long.