William Is Fitting In

I find it interesting how quickly Terry and I have worked William into our life. Except for that first week in the NICU, things are pretty much like we predicted.

My activities aren't too far from what they were when I was late into my pregnancy-- I lay in bed most of the day, but instead of painting or otherwise decorating, I'm nursing. And I spent today mostly goofing off while William was sleeping, taking quizzes on facebook (apparently, if I were a car, I would be a Cadillac Escalade), posting photos online. I've also been thinking about playing video games. But I can't do it from bed, so that's holding me back. The sofa is just a little less comfortable.

Terry's activities are about the same, he does all the cooking (although it's been simplified for him since my mother has fully stocked our kitchen with food she's prepared so we just have to reheat or throw a few ingredients together, it's great), all the laundry, all the other housework. Plus running up and down the stairs bringing me food and water all day so I don't have to get up. The only difference now is that instead of having time to himself after he's finished taking care of me, he spends his time changing all the diapers / potty training, and providing William with stimulating activities when he's awake. But Terry has shouldered the extra work with aplomb, and is even getting so comfortable with it that he's already thinking he can do all this PLUS get back to work on his garden. He is truly an over-achiever. But it's no surprise to me, he was certainly an over-achiever when it came to business, so now he's an over-achiever as a father. It's his nature. He loves to be successful.

Which suits me fine, I'm a bit of a slacker by nature, and benefit immensely from Terry's productivity. And all I have to do is lie around and look cute, and he's happy to take care of me. And now that I have a baby draped over me much of the day, Terry finds us to be ridiculously cute, so he's happy whenever he walks into the room. We're looking forward to a nice little family life ahead of us. I was even motivated to look at my stock charts today since I was heartened when I saw the DOW was down on a failed rally attempt. I'm not updating all the charts tonight, but I think I'll get it done this week. Life is starting to feel more "normal" to me today, it's just that now I'm doing everything with a baby in the room with me, and I have to interrupt what I'm doing myself every three hours to feed him. It's not such a big deal. He cries when he poops since he got a little diaper rash in the hospital, but once he's done and cleaned up he's happy again. Other than that, he's a really easy and content little baby. Adorable. Still something of a novelty, we do spend a lot of time just looking at him.

Terry is out getting general household supplies and hopefully some baby nasal saline spray. William's a little congested and we haven't been able to suction him clear. I think Terry wanted to give William his bath tonight, but it'll be bath time after this next feeding (which is slightly overdue, but the kid is sleeping so I have a few minutes to finish up here). Terry is still out, so I guess I'll bathe our boy since he needs it. He's shedding skin, especially where the medical tape and ID bands were. Hopefully it'll be fun, he did seem to like the bath we gave him in the NICU Saturday night. And the baby soap I got as a gift makes him smell like honey. Yummy.