We Missed Foxfield

Yesterday, Terry and I realized that the Foxfield races going on. I used to go twice a year, every year, for about a decade. Had a pretty sweet reserved spot on the inside rail at the last jump before the finish line. But it got to be more and more of a hassle as time went on, security got tighter, and the prices went up, so we stopped going.

But it's probably been about five years now since we've gone, and we'd like to go again in the future. Maybe for the fall races this year, it's the "family" event of the two (the spring races are more of a bacchanalia). Or maybe go to the Montpelier races, I haven't been to them in well over a decade, I wonder if they're still as low-key as I remember.

Is polo season coming up? I think there are games out here at White Hall Vineyards, which is quite convenient to us. Although I'd probably want to check out the setup to see if it's safe for a baby-- when the polo games were held back in Fry's Springs I seemed to recall that it was possible for an errant ball to clock a spectator. But it's been over a decade since I've been to that event, also, so maybe my memory is wrong.

I am starting to look forward to getting out of the house. I am still not quite feeling up to it, I still have a bit of discomfort when I go from a sitting to standing position, but hopefully I'll be good as new soon. I'm not as tired during the day as I was last week, and haven't needed any naps for several days now. Maybe I'll try to find a sitter for Wednesday night, so Terry and I can go out to dinner for our anniversary. If we time it to coincide with William's sleep, we can go to Three Notch'd Grill and back between feedings.