I Ordered A Webcam

My friend Cate has been using video chat on skype, and told me it would be fun if I could also video chat. I had looked into this about two years ago when Terry was on the road for Sungard all the time (seriously, he was usually gone four days per week), so I could video chat with him. But once his mother got a job at JetBlue and I could fly standby I just flew out to whatever city he was working from when I wanted to see him. So I never followed through with the video chat thing.

But now that I have a baby, and am stuck at home, once again the video chat is intriguing. I figure it's also the sort of thing that William's grandparents or other relatives would like, since kids grow so fast it helps to see them often. I think that even if I'm the only one with a webcam, then the person I'm video-chatting with can see me, but I just won't be able to see them if they don't have their own camera.

I spent a little time tonight researching which webcam to purchase. I immediately narrowed the choices down to Logitech brand cameras, since I trust that manufacturer. Then it was between their $50 camera or their $99 camera. I read the reviews from several sites, and it was clear that the more expensive camera (it is not THE most expensive Logitech webcam, however) was really very good, and no one regretted spending extra for it. So that's the one I ordered. But it was only $77 on amazon.com, with free shipping. Sweet!

If anyone else is on skype, search for me as MrsThorsen, that's my skype name. Since I was too cheap to spring for fast shipping, I won't get the camera until probably late next week. On the plus side, that gives me time to archive or delete files from my computer, since I think the specs for the webcam said I need more free memory than I currently have in order for the images to process well. I'm curious to try this out!