I Drove The Car!

I finally left the house for the first time without a baby in tow! I was bummed out this morning, since we always go out to a nice dinner for our anniversary, but this year we can't because we have a baby and Terry thinks it's too soon to leave him with a sitter. So Terry said he'd make me a nice meal at home, and we can go out somewhere nice in a month or so instead of exactly on our anniversary. I found this satisfactory.

When I said I wanted steak, Terry remembered that although the Beef Barn closed down, there was someone else selling beef from the same location now. It took a little bit of searching, but I found out that while the Beef Barn owners still own the farm, so it's still called Mount Air Farm, another family moved their grass-fed cattle operation there, and are selling beef and pork under the name Gryffon's Aerie. They are only open regularly on Saturdays and Sundays from noon to five, but you can call for an appointment other times. I did that, the owner said if I came over right away he'd still be there.

I thought Terry would go, since he's been running all the errands, but he was sitting on the porch watching William, and I didn't particularly feel like sitting on the porch since it was cooler inside, so I suggested maybe I could go get the meat. Terry agreed. Once I sat in the driver's seat and hit the button to send the seat position and mirrors back to my personal settings, I realized that it's been QUITE some time since I drove a car.

I forget when exactly Terry started driving me around-- was it week 38? Toward the end of my pregnancy he drove me everywhere since 1) I'd have a long drive home if I happened to go into labor and 2) there wasn't much room between my stomach and the steering wheel, and I just fit better in the passenger seat, since I could push it back all the way. And I haven't been driving since I gave birth, just because I've been too sore and tired.

But today is a beautiful day, and it was nice to go out for a little drive, I was positively giddy by the time I got to the farm (it's a short trip, just a few miles into White Hall). The new producers don't do veal or sweetbreads. They do have a particular breed of cattle that gets well-marbled even just eating grass, so that's nice. I must say, the meat looks really good. They were out of fillet, but I got a couple of NY strips for tomorrow. I also got a pound of their ground beef, some kabob beef, and a London broil. I got a rack of pork spare ribs, and some of their house pork sausage. Mmm. I've really missed the grass-fed local beef we used to get before the Beef Barn closed, so I'm psyched that there's another provider now. It's much better than the stuff from Whole Foods. I'm not sure how the prices compare-- Beef Barn was very reasonable. I think the new guys are a little more expensive, but I don't care. It's worth it to me to eat delicious, grass-fed, local cattle.