Don't Send A Man To Do A Woman's Job

This happened during the week William was in the hospital, but I still have to comment on it. . .

It was around midnight, and we stopped by the Harris Teeter on the way home from the hospital since I needed some more pads. I was about to get out of the car, but Terry volunteered to get them for me. I explained to him that I needed something that had maximum absorbency but was NOT labeled overnight, and it would be bonus if he found a type that was also labeled "thin" or "ultrathin."

He came back out with a package of "Poise" brand pads. They were labeled "light" so I knew they wouldn't work. Plus I'd never heard of that brand, figured they were some Harris Teeter house brand. I asked Terry where he got them, and he said they were right near the front when you walked in. This sounded very suspicious to me, so I said I would go in and get what I needed myself. He got mad, and asked if I thought he was incapable of finding the right thing, and I said yes, and hobbled off into the store.

Once inside, I noticed the display where he found the pads. It was the INCONTINENCE section. No wonder I hadn't heard of "Poise" before. I went to the BACK of the store, where feminine products always are, and got what I needed. There was no one working the customer service desk at that late hour, so a cashier just let me swap the two packages without checking out.

When I got back to the car, I explained to Terry that he got me pads for people who pee on themselves lightly, when I needed pads for people who bleed a lot. And that's why I didn't think he would have been capable of finding the right product. He conceded I was right, he would've looked in the same place and come back with more incontinence pads.

Terry still has a lot to learn about shopping, but I don't blame him for this one. I knew it would be too much to expect a man to find the right feminine product in a grocery store. Next time, I'm sending him in with the old package wrapper so he can match it exactly. . .