Two New High Scores

I just finished feeding William before our housekeeper arrived and started cleaning the upstairs, and Terry had William for his "activity" time. So I went downstairs and decided to take the opportunity to play a little Guitar Hero, I hadn't played since the week before W was born.

I still haven't 5-starred "Talk Dirty to Me" in Hard, so I worked on that a bit. I was terrible the first time through, but took the time to work on one of the solos in "practice" mode and played it slowly again and again until I got it. By this time, Terry and William were downstairs watching. It was monotonous for them, but effective for me. Within a few minutes, I had mastered that section, and went back to play the full song and got a personal high score! I still didn't 5-star it, though.

Terry wanted me to take requests, so I switched to Medium where I've unlocked all the songs, and played through a few. I managed to get a new personal best in "Mauvais Garcon", and I did it on my first run through which was both surprising and satisfying. But it wasn't long before it was William's naptime and Terry insisted we turn the sound down on the TV. This made it totally less fun to rock out, and the housekeeper started to clean downstairs around then anyway, so that was the extent of my GH playing for the day.

But it's probably a healthier pattern, to just play for a little while, instead of all day long. That is one thing I miss about Terry being out-of-town for work most of the week-- being unchaperoned alone in the house. No one around to point out all the ways I could better be using my time, or reminding me of my "responsibilities". Blah, blah, blah.

Hmm, but he IS going out to run errands again (today he'll pick up some free manure from somewhere in White Hall, and check out a used plow offered for $100) so maybe William will get a little more downstairs-time with his mama in front of the Wii.

I'm also thinking about firing up the Wii fit again. It was too demoralizing when I was pregnant and GAINING weight since it's set up for weight LOSS. And the balance activities just weren't doing it for me after the 2nd trimester. But now, I am in the market for losing the baby weight, and the Wii fit exercises are probably low-impact enough that I won't over-exert myself too soon after giving birth.

My midwife said I shouldn't resume my walks for three weeks, but now I'm not sure if she meant until it was three weeks since I gave birth (which would be this Saturday) or three weeks from when she told me (which would be May 12th). I'm guessing she meant this weekend, but I'll probably wait until sometime next week anyway. I asked Terry to mow a nice broad path around the perimeters of our side and back fields, so we can more easily push William in the stroller around the farm. The slopes are gentler than going up the driveway, and it's probably easier to push the stroller through fields instead of over gravel (although I haven't tried either so it's just my guess), so I think I'll start with these walks close to the house. Then maybe work back up to the walks along the road.