William's First Excursion

Terry was going to go into town to visit the farmer's market and pick up some heirloom tomatoes to grow in his garden. I was bummed out, since I, too, wanted to get out of the house and go to the farmer's market, but was resigned to once again staying home with baby. But Terry suggested we just bring William, and keep him in his sling. That seemed reasonable, since no one could touch him, or even cough or sneeze on him that way (unlike if he were in a stroller or carseat), so we figured it would be safe.

Terry and I each thought the other had brought the diaper bag, so that was a bit of a disappointment when we arrived in downtown Cville without any baby supplies, but fortunately, William slept the entire trip so it wasn't an issue. We kept our trip short, just to the market and then to a nearby coffeeshop where Terry got a waffle and I got a smoothie. Then back home. As far as we can tell, none of us caught the swine flu or any other illness, so our trip was a success!

Here's a photo of William, taken from my perspective as the sling-wearer. It's the only way to see him-- from anyone else's perspective they can't see him since he's hidden within the sling fabric.