I Finally Finished A Doll

Before William was born, I was experimenting with sewing various dolls. Then, I made a homemade version ugly dolls-- they look like little monsters. But I wanted to make a cute doll for Nora's new baby (born in February) girl, so I looked online to get ideas. I found instructions for making little 4" dolls, so I gave it a try. I was glad for the instructions, it wouldn't have occurred to me to make the arms and head separate and attach them to the body and legs-- previous dolls I just stuffed the entire body as one piece.

I didn't bother printing the pattern template, I just drew the parts freehand on the fabric, so the doll isn't quite symmetrical. I came up with the dress design and hair all by myself (the instructions don't call for putting hair on the doll, just a bonnet).

I'm hopeful that Nora won't check out my blog before she gets the doll, so it will be a surprise. . .