My Print Shop Is Killing Me!

I can't believe this. I've been using an online print shop for years (for the save-the-date postcards printed for the charity ball I used to volunteer for), and decided to use them to print William's birth announcements.

When I checked their pricing, etc. back near the start of my pregnancy, it all looked reasonable. But now that I've already formatted the announcement to their specs, when I go to their site I find they've changed everything!

They used to do 4-color offset printing, and that was that. It looked good. Now they've also got a "digital press" (meaning glorified laser printer), and it's the only option for the size and quantity of cards that I planned to get! Aaarugh!! I don't WANT cards printed on their @#$# digital press, I want them from the offset-press. But I don't need 250 of them!

I sent them an email to see if they'll give me a special quote on 100, but I don't have my hopes up. I've started to look around for another vendor, I'm sure I'll find some other printer willing to do a small run on their offset press, but I hadn't expected nor am I happy about the extra time this is going to add to my project.