Too Many Nursing Bra Choices!

Finally, a productive use of facebook! I updated my status to "Heidi Thorsen wants recommendations for good nursing bras, please. Anyone have a favorite?" and got several responses. So now I've narrowed down my selection to getting a few more "sleeping" bras, which are comfortable and good for very casual daytime use, and a Bravado bra.

You'd think, with the choices narrowed down like this I'd be able to make a decision. Not so much. I'm paralyzed with indecision. The sleeping bra I'll figure out, they're inexpensive and I've already got one so I have an idea what to look for. But for the "nice" nursing bra, there are so many decisions to make even within one brand!

Do I want the "Original Nursing Bra"? The "Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra"? Maybe I want the "Lifestyle Microfiber Nursing Bra". . .or the "Embellished Microfiber Nursing Bra" or the "Exquisite Nursing Bra" or the "Supreme Nursing Bra"! Aaaurgh! I feel as if what's left of my brain is going to get fried trying to make this decision. Picking the webcam wasn't this daunting. I guess I'll try to set a time limit-- it's 2:22 now, I'll think about it until no later than 2:45 then make my decision.

Discipline paid off-- I made

Discipline paid off-- I made my decision within my self-imposed time limit. I'm going to get the "Original Nursing Bra Basic Style" and "Lifestyle Microfiber Nursing Bra". Although I would have gotten the original style in bamboo if it was available in my size.

Unfortunately, my order is not yet complete since I need them shipped to a different address than my billing address, and that required a phone call, and the person who needed to take my order was not available so I guess I must wait for her to call me back. Inefficient. C'mon, how many credit card thieves are running nursing bra rackets? Is this amount of security really necessary??

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