William's First Stroller Ride

There was a break in the rain around noon today, so Terry and I took the opportunity to take William on his first stroller ride.

We walked 1.5 miles-- including hills! I felt pretty good, and pushed the stroller some of the time although Terry pushed it up the hills. It was a little colder than we realized and William only had the hood of his jacket to keep his head warm, so we stuffed a burp cloth around his head under his jacket so his ears wouldn't get cold-- that's why he looks like a little mummy with the white cloth around his head.

Now that we know I can handle walking up the driveway and our road, we will probably resume our daily walks. It's nice to get out of the house, even when the weather isn't great. Especially when the weather isn't great, I guess, since we've been cooped up inside for days with all this rain.

There's also a short clip of Terry pushing the stroller; it's in the "Reviews & Tips" section since we were discussing the merits of the stroller.