We got the Bugaboo Cameleon stroller because it seemed the most likely to be able to handle rough terrain. We live on a farm, and are not near paved roads, let alone paved sidewalks.

This video clip shows us pushing the stroller down our driveway, through a decent layer of gravel. We're satisfied with its performance in this respect. When it's not so muddy, we'll have to take the stroller out into the field to see how it handles in tall grass.

Looks like William enjoyed a

Looks like William enjoyed a smooth ride. It was also fun for me to see Terry on video again. He looks and sounds like he did 20 years ago. Doesn't that guy age.

I've gained 60 lbs and and gone half bald!

Yeah, Terry still has the

Yeah, Terry still has the body of an 18-yr-old boy. But he also went half-bald in his 30s, and decided that fully-bald looked better, so there you go.

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