Good Day Sunshine!

Hallelujah! After five days of rain, the sun came out this afternoon! I should've taken a photo of the baby carriage decked out for the sun-- we had both the sun shade up and also had to attach this jaunty little sun umbrella to block the sun from the other direction. Not that William noticed either way, once again he slept through the entire ride. Well, he actually was awake until we got part of the way up Beaver Ridge Rd., but then he was out for the rest of the walk. We went 2.5 miles today, a full mile further than we walked on Tuesday.

It was so hot and humid out, it was hard to believe we were wearing jackets and earmuffs just two days ago. We'll have to go back to our original routine of taking our walk after dinner, in the evening when it's cooler out. It's better for our health to walk later in the day anyway (I've discovered that my blood sugar increases throughout the day, but walking burns it all off, so it's best to burn it off at the end of the day when it's at its highest level so I don't go to sleep with elevated blood sugar and get fat). We only started walking during the day when it got dark too early to walk after dinner. Although it's been raining so much lately, I didn't want to wait until after dinner anyway, despite the heat, because it might be raining again by then and I might not have gotten any walk at all.

I'm really glad I finally feel well enough to resume walking for exercise. Like during the pregnancy, while breastfeeding I've been advised to not diet, but eat when I'm hungry (which is often). And while the first 35 pounds of pregnancy weight came off reasonably fast, I've stalled out. And not only do I have another 17 pounds of pregnancy weight to lose, I have another 20 pounds after that, since I was already overweight when I found out I was pregnant. I figure I'll be in maternity clothes (or at least the larger size regular clothes I started needing in August & September of last year) throughout most of the summer. But I am hopeful that I'll be back to my preferred size by fall, so I can wear my existing fall clothes. Although I am aware that most of those outfits are at least two years old (since I couldn't wear any of them last fall) and might be too out-of-fashion to wear now. But it's a relatively small risk since I'm living in Charlottesville, the town that fashion forgot, and I doubt anyone would notice that the clothes are out-of-date. I'll just get a few new things for my now-infrequent trips to NY so I won't look like a tourist while I'm there.