My First Video Call!

Although my friend Cate, who is the one who prodded me into getting a webcam, is MIA, I found out my sister-in-law has a webcam and is on skype. So I had my first video call this afternoon! Terry came into the room to participate, and although William was having a little breakdown at the beginning, he fell asleep after a few minutes so we could talk. Plus, when he's asleep he's totally out, so I was able to just hold him over the computer so he could have a close-up on the webcam.

Since we switched to DSL from the T1, our internet connection is relatively slow. We've got some rural version of DSL, and since the signal has to travel further from the main switch than for regular DSL, our speed isn't as fast as DSL for city-dwellers. So Kristen looked a little blurry and digitized, but the picture was clear enough that it wasn't annoying, it was still pretty cool. It was nice to see how big our nephews are getting! Holden turned three in March, and Oliver will be one next month.

There is probably some setting within skype that will allow me to adjust the size of the video screen-- a smaller screen will probably make the image look sharper. But this was my very first video call, and it was all I could do to find the right buttons to push to make it work at all, let alone optimize the picture.

But we'll definitely be having more video chats. It's very space-age. How cool is it that we can have a chat with someone in upstate NY, well over 300 miles away, and see them in their home? Without so much as getting out of bed ourselves? It's a long way from the 1970s when all the phones had dials and were the same style, rented from the phone company. I wonder how many years it will be before the technology is good enough we'll all have big flat-screens in each room of the house that are all automatically video-phones, like in the Jetsons. With high-definition video and no lag time. The webcams of today will be as hopelessly antiquated as the 1970s rotary-dial phones are now.