Fussy During Walk

So much for William "always" sleeping through his stroller rides! Tonight, although he enjoyed the first part of his stroller ride, he got fussy midway down the road. So fussy that Terry had to pick him up and carry him to calm him down. So we had to turn around and wound up with only a 1.75 mile walk, when I was hoping for the full three miles tonight. But one thing that seems consistent throughout the parenting literature is that in order to raise the children right, you've got to take them home when they get fussy, and not keep them out for your own convenience. So we headed home at the 1.75 mile mark.

Although William ate from 5:30pm to 6:00pm, and we left for our walk at 6:30pm, it turns out he was hungry again by 7:15pm. I wound up getting tired of hearing him cry (Terry's arms got tired and he put him back in the stroller, which did not please William), so I carried and nursed him as we walked down the driveway. Next walk we'll bring the sling, so I can feed him on the public road if he gets hungry.