Taking Turns Watching Star Trek

Terry and I can't figure out how to see a hit movie together on its opening weekend with a tiny baby in tow, so we decided we'll have to take turns watching Star Trek.

Terry will go with his friend on Tuesday night while I stay home to watch the finale of American Idol, and I'll go with one of my friends on Wednesday night.

Terry is glad to go with a guy, but I always went to action films on dates, not with my girlfriends, so it seems a little incongruous to me. Regardless, I'm looking forward to seeing the film. It's gotten a lot of buzz. The local theater here has four screens, and they're showing the film on all four screens, all day long. They've got 17 showings per day scheduled. Smart. I'm hopeful that by Wednesday, it won't be too crowded. But I suspect it's going to be the kind of film that fans go see multiple times, so we'll see.

I am glad you will get to

I am glad you will get to see it soon. My wife enjoyed it and she is not a huge Star Trek fan.

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