Smell The Grass

If you like the smell of freshly-cut grass, head on out to the farm to one of Terry's mowing days. I bet you can smell several acres of cut grass from 1/4 mile. We don't have much of a lawn, it's more like our house is just plopped down in the middle of the field. When we first moved in I hired a neighbor kid to mow around the house and keep things tidy, but when our schedule grew more erratic we didn't bother mowing anymore, and let the field take over.

I've been gently pointing out to Terry that the grass could stand some mowing once it hit 8" high, but until today it just hasn't been a priority. But now that the grass is over 12" high, and both of us came in with ticks over the past few days, and I reminded him that snakes come out in the warm weather, he's motivated.