William Got A Bath

Terry helped me give William a proper bath. I'd been doing it myself, but it wasn't great since I'd have to hold his head with one hand, and wash with the other, so it always wound up being a fast and perfunctory job. But this morning, I enlisted Terry's help since William REALLY needed a good bath. He didn't have a "nice" baby smell, it was sort of off, and I didn't like cuddling him. But now he once again has fluffy hair and is all clean and smelling like honey. Yum!

What else did I do this morning? I must have done something else, since I felt very good at noon about what I had already accomplished. But for the life of me now, I can't remember what. Oh-- I sterilized my pump equipment and a handful of bottles and caps. I'm pretty sure that's all I did.

And I got even less done this afternoon-- I was tired so I slept from something like 2-4pm, same time William was out. Then I fed him, pumped some more so Terry would have enough to feed him while I go see Star Trek tonight.

That's right! Terry and I figured out how to go out to movies while we have an infant-- we go on different days with our friends. This'll have to do until William is old enough to have a sitter. But there's not that many movies we want to see, Charlottesville doesn't exactly have the selection available in New York. I'm pretty psyched, Terry said it was a really good film. And I'm going to eat popcorn with fake butter since it's neither wheat nor dairy and something I can still eat and not set off William's alleged allergies.

Alleged allergy since we're still not sure that's what his problem is, but a milk or wheat allergy seems likely. My bet is on milk, so if he has gained weight by his next weigh-in on Friday, I'm going to start eating wheat and see if his symptoms return. Hopefully not. It's harder to avoid wheat than dairy. I can always use a vegetable tapenade on my bread and crackers instead of cheese, but have you seen the gluten-free bread? No way, man, no way am I eating that stuff. It's as heavy as a brick. I'm not talking texture, I'm talking physical weight. Go to the gluten-free refrigerator cabinet in whole foods and pick up a loaf, you'll see what I'm talking about. Other than bread, I guess it's not that hard to avoid wheat, either. I've just been getting my carbs from potatoes or rice.

Gotta sign off, feed the baby, then head out the door to make it to the 8:20pm showing on time. Whoo! Big night out!