Must. . .Regain. . .Focus!

The birth announcements arrived today, so that gave me the motivation to actually get back to the project of addressing all the envelopes.

I did manage to finish another 25, but I am getting distracted. I'm to the point where I'm not sure of addresses, and doing a double-check online with the white pages to make sure people are still where they were a few years ago when I still sent out a lot of Christmas cards. And of course, being online is a distraction, since there's facebook, and what starts as a quick check to see if someone's address in their profile turns into a full-fledged perusing of their wall postings for the past five months.

And sometimes when I find an address I'm not familiar with, I'll pull up a google map to see where the town is, and what towns are nearby, and if the town has a website. . .

I'm telling you, I can get really sidetracked for no good reason. There is no good reason why I need to know any of this stuff I'm looking up (other than the addresses). I really want to get this done, so I think I'm going to just put up a facebook post for Terry's relatives asking them for their current address if they want a birth announcement. The boy will have his first birthday before I get the announcements out if I continue my lackadaisical search for addresses at the current pace.