Six Months of Vigilance Paid Off

Six months after I decided it was time for a new freezer, we got it! "Continually check Lowe's ads until they have a sale on appliances" has been on my to-do list since last year, and I've been waiting and waiting for them to discount the freezer I want. It finally happened! I saw on TV that they were giving 10% off all energy-star appliances, and as it just so happens the only energy-star compliant chest freezer they carry is the one I've been waiting for.

I sent Terry off to Lowe's to buy a freezer and to Best Buy to recycle an old computer monitor (they are the least expensive place to recycle them). He called to let me know if I would accept a dented freezer for 25% off, and since the dent is in the back, and it will be against the wall, I okayed it.

So we got an even better deal on the freezer than I had anticipated! And Terry figured out how to single-handedly move it from our pickup truck into the kitchen, so he also saved on delivery fees, too. He's becoming quite thrifty in his retirement.

He's started talking about how he thinks he could make cabinets, and that he should make new cabinets for the kitchen if that's what I want. Now I think that's crazy-talk. But maybe he could work up to it, over a period of years. If I'm going through the hassle of a kitchen remodel, I'm going to get it done right; a super-luxe kitchen. I want those dishwasher drawers, and probably a convection burner. A wine cooler. Or possibly just a fancy refrigerator with a wine-cooling section. But Terry is willing to finish our half-done projects first (thank goodness) and that'll take him at least a year at his current pace.

I've decided that I do want a changing/pooping table for our master bath so I don't have to bend over so much, it's hard on my knees to rise from a squat to a standing position while holding a baby and not using my hands at all. I don't have the world's best balance, and I must concentrate pretty hard to not fall over and smash William into a wall. I'll design it and then turn it over to Terry to build. We'll see what kind of master craftsman he is, after all these years of computer programming. But I will keep an open mind, maybe he will surprise me. Once in a while he really does something new very competently, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.