Pumping Incentive

Terry hasn't been feeding William at all over night for over a week, since I don't have any extra pumped milk from after I eliminated dairy foods from my diet. I just didn't feel like pumping after spending 30 minutes feeding the boy. I would rather just get up at night and feed him than pump.

But now that I've been getting up every 2.5 to 3 hours overnight for over a week, and staying up at least 30 minutes to feed & burp William (up to an hour if I also change his diaper and/or he takes a long time to eat), I'm thinking that spending time pumping during the day is getting to be worth the effort.

I am really tired and starting to get cranky from the lack of contiguous sleep hours at night. I'm not always able to nap during the day, and I'm accumulated an ever-growing sleep deficit. My production is up due to the growth-spurt William went through week before last, so I could pump the alternate breast every time he eats, and it wouldn't take too long to build up a little stockpile of dairy-free breastmilk.