What's Up With The "I Can't Shower" Thing?

I've had a baby for 5 and 1/2 weeks now, and still can't figure out why people complain about not being able to take a shower once they have a baby. I shower exactly as often as I did before I had the baby.

Do people mean that they just can't shower at the exact same time they used to? I can see if one was used to getting up at the same time every morning and heading directly to the shower (like most people with day jobs), that perhaps they can't do that anymore once they have a baby.

But the baby sleeps. Even cranky babies will sleep for at least 10 minutes during the day, which should be enough time to get a shower (it is for me, at any rate). Granted, I don't always have time to get a shower and immediately style my hair, depending on the timing I might have to feed the baby with wet hair. But I don't hear people complaining that they can't get a shower and style their hair, just that they can't even manage to get a shower.

I also didn't shower every day before I had a baby, and so haven't started to now. But I could if I wanted to, since the baby sleeps every day, as I pointed out.

Or perhaps people are using "I can't even get a shower" as a catch-all complaint for all the various things they have to let slide in order to care for an infant, and they don't literally mean that they don't have time to take a shower. If that's the case, I think the media, etc., should do a better job of ferreting out the truth, rather than reporting on this shower thing at face value when people complain.

Or is there something that I'm missing? Are some people so paranoid that they won't take a shower when the baby is sleeping? My shower is adjacent to the bedroom so I could hear William cry if he woke up (granted, he'd have to be crying loudly to hear him while I was in the shower, but if he wasn't crying loudly I suppose it wouldn't be an emergency). I even took a shower when he was awake by strapping him into a bouncy seat and putting it in the bathroom with me. He stayed reasonably amused for the 10 minutes it took me to shower by watching me through the glass of the shower door.