William Can Smile!

This evening we saw William's first "social smile". He's smiled before this, but he was just making a happy face which included a smile rather than smiling on purpose. But tonight he actually smiled in response to Terry. I didn't see the first thing Terry did to elicit the response, but when I came into the room William was smiling when Terry was kissing his face. It was really cute.

My camera isn't nearby, and I've got to finish going through my summer clothes to see which fit and which I need to pack away again, otherwise I'd have tried to get W to smile for a picture. Terry took all the clothes out of storage and piled them on the bed, obviously to make it impossible for me to ignore them. It worked, I'd rather just deal with it and get the closet in order than just shove everything onto the floor before I sleep tonight and then have to deal with everything piled up on the floor tomorrow.

But hopefully I'll have a little time tomorrow where I can try to get William to smile for a picture, or maybe I'll take a video.