Forget About Pre-Pregnancy Clothes

Terry pulled all my summer clothes out of storage yesterday, so I could go through them and put the ones that fit into the closet. Let me tell you, I don't have much to wear. I had to put a spectacularly high percentage back in storage, and even the ones I pulled out to wear don't really fit that well, but they look less ridiculous on than most (if I could even get them on, that is).

I am currently fitting into my 2nd trimester clothes, which isn't particularly useful since they are fall & winter clothes, and it's 80 degrees out. And I've still got to lose weight to be able to fit into my 1st trimester clothes. How sad is it that not only can I not get back into pre-pregnancy clothes, but it's been nearly 6 weeks and I can't even get back into all my PREGNANCY clothes??

I'm less inclined to go out and buy new clothes than I am to go out and buy some more girdles. I can't do anything about the top, any type of restricting bra gets downright painful so I just have to be big. I may need to buy a few more larger shirts. But on the bottom, things would fit better if I didn't have the flabby pouch of a stomach. It's not really fat, per se, it's just post-baby flabbiness. And it makes clothes fit very poorly. I would totally happily wear a girdle every day I went out in the fall & winter (when I was not telling about my pregnancy, I did wear a girdle quite a bit, actually). But I get too sweaty in them in the summer. I wonder if there are summer-weight girdles. You'd think with all the technology in super-wicking fibers used in running clothes and bras it would be possible to make a good hot-weather girdle.