Our Neighbor's Field of Crap

Terry, William, and I took our walk from about 3:17pm to 4:17pm today (Terry said afternoon walks are ok, since we're really not getting up and about in time to take morning walks, so we'll just avoid evening walks so William won't be too wound up to sleep). We noticed two big unmarked tanker trucks on the road ahead of us, and actually pushed the stroller up into a field since those trucks were large enough we didn't think they'd be able to pass us safely if we stayed in the road. But they turned into our neighbor's field before they got to us.

We couldn't figure out at first what was in the trucks, we speculated maybe he was blacktopping his driveway, and the trucks were full of tar. But when we walked back home we discovered what they were doing.

Tanker truck after tanker truck was driving into the field, spraying it with a layer of manure, then leaving to get more. The field was absolutely brown where the trucks had been, and each truck could about do one pass across the field before it was empty and drove away. The smell was absolutely noticeable when we walked past the field, but we didn't think much more about it. Well, we did wonder at the cost-effectiveness of this endeavor and wondered what crop he was going to plant to justify this operation.

We left the downstairs windows open when we went out to dinner tonight (we left around 5pm). On our way home from dinner, around 9:30pm, we passed two more tanker trucks on our way home--they must have been ferrying manure to field this whole time! And we could smell the manure from the corner of Jones Mill Rd and Rt 680. Whoa. It was bad.

When we got home, the whole downstairs smelled like manure since we left our windows open. I was not happy about this. Not happy at all. Granted, we live in a rural area, and expect some earthy smells, but in the six years we've been here, we've experienced nothing like this. Terry doesn't have a problem with this, and thinks I'm prissy for not liking the smell. What??

Well, I did heed his advice and NOT list the neighbor's name here, no need to make enemies. And I'll cut my rant short. But I hope the smell has dissipated by morning.