Washing Diapers

I'm washing my first load of diapers tonight. Yes, we've been using cloth diapers since we got William home from the hospital, but Terry has been washing them.

He's got some whole big procedure with multiple steps. This is what happens when he spends too much time on I tried to dump the diapers from the diaper pail into the washing machine without touching them, but only got half of them out, the others were too far in the bottom and I had to pull them out. Yuck. But I asked for it, he did offer to wash the diapers if I comforted the screaming baby. But I chose the diapers.

I've got them soaking with baking soda now. I'll wash them in Dreft and add a half cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle. I think he said something about all this neutralizing the pH of the urine in the diapers. Whatever. It's fine with me, it's not really any more trouble than just washing them regular since the washing machine handles the timing of all these additives automatically once I put them in. It's good for me to know the drill, not that Terry is going to be going on any business trips anytime soon, but if he gets sick I'll have to know how to wash the diapers, since we do a load every day to make sure we have enough for the next day. William goes through a lot of diapers.