Cut One More Color For Shower Curtain

In a fit of tidiness, I straightened up the sewing room. I finally started moving notions and things from the table top to the cabinet drawers we brought back from NJ. I also put away the rest of the fabric I got in NY, and dedicated a drawer to fabric scraps, so I can just reach in and grab some when I need to test stitches, etc.

I also finally put the shower curtain rod back up in the guest bathroom-- it had been in the sewing room since I started painting in there months ago.

Once the room was looking a bit neater, I was inspired to cut some more pieces for the shower curtain quilt. It seemed to take awhile, but it could have been five minutes or thirty, I don't know because I didn't time it. It was long enough that I didn't feel like cutting the pieces in another color, but short enough that I thought maybe I should just cut one color every day. While it's hardly a breakneck pace, it would certainly lead to more progress than I've made in the past six weeks. Because I want to mix the colors randomly, I figure I'd better have all the colors cut before I start. Otherwise the first batch of colors will be mixed together, then the second batch will be mixed together, but the colors of the whole project won't be mixed together.