More Paint!

I know at least one of you was wondering if I missed painting. Apparently, I do! Terry finished making shelves to transform the kitchen utility closet to a proper pantry, and I insisted he let me paint the walls in there before he installs the shelves.

I wasn't sure what color to paint the inside of the closet, but Terry suggested the same color yellow as the kitchen. That's a no-brainer, of course, but I wasn't sure how the color would look in such a small area, I thought it might be a bit overwhelming and distract from finding the food. But I looked at the food lined up on the counters (we really are in desperate need of a pantry for food storage) and figured it looked ok against the yellow background.

But now that the walls are painted, it is indeed an intense yellow in the small space. Nevertheless, it's way better than the light blue it is replacing, not because the color was so bad for the inside of a pantry, but because the walls were so scuffed up it looked awful. And I think once the shelves are in place and stocked, the color won't be so noticeable.

I had hoped to get the project finished today, but I didn't start painting until after 2pm, and didn't finish until around 4pm. I'm using the actual paint leftover from the kitchen, which was painted in 2003 before Aura paint was invented. The paint had separated, but after I stirred it up, it went on the walls just fine. Still better than that Aura that didn't seem to last even six months in the Amelia Blush color. When I go back to use the Cedar Key color I'll see if that was an anomaly, or if Aura really doesn't keep well. Anyway, back to the point here: because it's not Aura paint, I 1) need a second coat to cover the wall properly, and 2) need to wait at least 8 hours instead of 2 to recoat. So I'll have to finish the project tomorrow.

Actually, I'll have to finish the WALLS tomorrow. I'm still going to paint the shelves. The existing shelves are the prefinished melamine I'm not thrilled with, and the new shelves Terry made are unfinished wood. I think they're from the kitchen shelves I built for our NYC apartment, that we moved out of the summer of 2003. Waste not, want not. I'm glad we saved a lot of stuff we bought for that place, since we were in a spendy mood back then and have been able to repurpose things here in VA. For example, we had our track lights from the apartment in storage all these years, but they are perfect in the laundry room and saved us over $1000. They were about $650 back in 2000, but would have cost us more to buy now. And they didn't take up much room in the closet when we stored them, so that was a good call. The shelves weren't terribly expensive, but it's convenient that they were the exact right size for a pantry (since we had zero space in the little apartment kitchen, they actually were my "pantry" in that place).

Terry has been working on putting up shelves in the mud room closet, but I made him stop and watch William so I could get a break. I fed the boy, started painting, and three hours later fed him again, and now I'm tired and need to rest.

Not nearly as tired as I got from painting when I was 9 mos pregnant, but reasonably tired nevertheless. When I'm rested, I think I'll either sew the trim on my silk sling, cut more pieces for the shower curtain quilt, or hem the edge of Terry's sling. I don't feel like dealing with the rest of the clothes from storage today, too demoralizing. Maybe tomorrow if I'm not worn out from painting both the walls and shelves.