Surprise! I Did None Of The Above!

This afternoon, I projected that

When I'm rested, I think I'll either sew the trim on my silk sling, cut more pieces for the shower curtain quilt, or hem the edge of Terry's sling.

I'm sure none of you would be surprised to find that I did none of the above. The real surprise is that instead of playing another dozen rounds of Flood-It, I actually did something equally productive as I'd hoped, it was just not something I'd planned.

Well, it was something I'd planned, I just hadn't planned to get around to it so soon. But earlier in the week I'd signed up for a Yahoo! group about wool soakers-- those are what the wool diaper covers I favor are called. I was hoping to get an easy knitting pattern or something so I could make some more for myself. I finally took the time this evening to read one of my digest emails (I get one email per day with all the forum posts for that day), and followed links to various sites with free diaper patterns.

I saw one that seemed easy enough. It was designed to be used with old T-shirts, but I couldn't find the give-away pile I created yesterday (where could Terry have put it? I looked all over! And the boxes he was supposed to put back into storage are still in the bedroom! I wonder. . .). So I went into my sewing room and found an old pair of Terry's flannel nightpants that were totally shredded from age but I figured there was still enough intact fabric to make a diaper.

What this site had that other sites lacked was an image of the pattern on a 1" square grid. So I didn't have to bother hooking up the printer and printing a pattern (which was the reason I hadn't done this before-- with the printer in one of the storage closets in Terry's studio, I avoid printing if possible). Instead I just put some blank paper on the handy-dandy 1" square ruled cutting mat I have out on my cutting table, and drew the pattern to scale.

Then I ripped open the seams of the pants, put the pattern down, and cut out four pieces quick & dirty using the cutting wheel. It's really made for cutting straight edges, but this wasn't going to be fine tailoring, and I managed to cut around the pattern well enough. It certainly was faster than using scissors.

I just used the needle & thread already in my machine (rather than switching colors to match), and stitched the layers together per the instructions. I even reclaimed the elastic from the waistband of the old pants to use in the legs of the diaper. I cut the elastic in half so it would be the right width. So the diaper was made entirely of recycled materials.

Once I had created and cut out the pattern, the actual cutting and sewing of the diaper took about a half-hour, like the website predicted it would. I made the version that has a pocket for an absorbant insert-- it's just the right size to stuff with our birdseye diapers, which are a little difficult to use on their own since they require a somewhat complicated fold to be effective.

The finished diaper is still a little loose around the legs, despite the elastic. I'll have to figure out if I have to adjust the pattern to better fit William, or sew the elastic into the seam differently. It could also be because I'm fastening the diaper with a Snappi instead of velcro like the pattern calls for.

Terry likes the idea of me making fitted diapers for William, they combine a little of the ease-of-use of disposables (as least as far as putting the diaper on the baby is concerned) with the effectiveness of cloth (we've had more problems with leaking and blowouts using disposables than using cloth).

So without further ado, here's the link to the site where I found the pattern and instructions, and the photo of William modeling his new recycled fashion diaper:

Yay Heidi! Super job on the

Yay Heidi! Super job on the recycled fitted diaper. So cute!! I am a big fan of the fitted diapers. I just made a pocket diaper also. Very nice and dries quickly. Btw, here is the link for the knitted soaker pattern.

Thanks!! I must admit I'm a

Thanks!! I must admit I'm a little intimidated by the knit pattern, I'll probably start by sewing up a wool cover or two from one of the many sweaters I've shrunk over the years, but saved since I just knew I'd find a use for them someday. . .

Hey Heidi - Here is a link

Hey Heidi - Here is a link to a sewing pattern for a wool diaper cover. I haven't tried it myself, but looks pretty cute.

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