Field Of Crap Might Be Human Waste

This had not occurred to me, but I found out from facebook. More specifically, I had made a status update to the effect of last night's post here, that I was mad about the farm neighbor stinking up the place with his field of sprayed-on manure. And a friend who lives on the other side of the county commented on my status, and asked if I KNEW it was manure that was sprayed on, because farmers can get human waste (sludge) for free. She knows this because some farmer in her neck of the woods gets huge tankers full of human waste for his field every spring, and it seems like the same situation as we've got here.

But it's a controversial practice, since the human waste contains pharmaceutical compounds and other stuff that can contaminate not only the soil but also the water table. She said there is much information about this on the internet. I haven't looked into it yet. First I'll keep my ear to to local grapevine to find out if anyone knows for sure what the stuff is. It was delivered in unmarked trucks, which makes more sense now, if it's a questionable agricultural practice. But it does make more sense economically, if it turns out that it is free. If that's the case, I suspect the crop will be feed corn again. I don't think anyone would want to buy people-food fertilized with port-a-potty residue.