Slightly Earlier Walk

Because we try to time our walks for just after William is fed, there are only certain times during the day we can set out. Yesterday (and all previous days), Terry did not want to get up and walk after the 9am-ish feed. Which pushed us back to 11:30am, since we figured a walk around 3pm would be even hotter. But the 11:30am walk was brutal, even though I was wearing Solumbra clothes to keep the sun off me. It was still really exhausting, far more than it should have been.

So I told Terry we can't be taking our walks between 10am and 2pm when the sun is highest, and he should just pretend he's got a business meeting in the morning that he HAS to wake up for, so we can take morning walks. Then he can nap when we get back if he's still tired.

I had hoped to get out the door by 9am today, but we didn't actually leave until 9:17. So we did spend part of our walk in the forbidden time. But I brought a thermos of cold water, and we took a short break in the shade at the halfway point, and the walk was fine today. Although there were relatively TONS of cars. At least half a dozen passed us, maybe more. I guess people actually go out and do things on Saturday mornings when we would normally be asleep.

It was still too warm for a totally pleasant walk (although it was fine in the shade, there are only a few shady areas), so I'll try to get us up after the early-morning feed (usually around 6:30-7am-ish). Although it was at 5:40am today, and I totally wasn't up for going on a walk at that hour, even if the sun was starting to come up. So that's my fault.

We're going to a potluck at our neighbor's tomorrow at 4pm, so I'm going to have to go to one of the morning masses (probably 11:30am), so we'll have to be back from our walk by 10am to give me time to shower and drive to church. So I'll have to really motivate after the first morning feed or we'll probably not fit in a walk tomorrow.