MUCH Earlier Walk!

Yesterday, William started eating around 7:30am, so at the time I told Terry he should get up and make coffee and breakfast so we could go on our walk earlier than the day before, while it was still cool out.

But Terry didn't bother getting out of bed until 8am, after William was done eating, and we wound up going on our walk at 9:12am, a few minutes earlier than Saturday, but still bad timing. William should have been asleep by then-- we've found things work out best when we leave immediately after he's done eating, so his "awake time" is while we're on the bumpy gravel, and his "sleep time" arrives once we're on the smoother part of the road. But on Saturday we left when he should have been sleeping, and he couldn't fall asleep during the bumpy part and was overtired and screaming for the first quarter mile. I was pretty irritated at Terry for delaying us so long, when I tried to wake him up in time for us to leave promptly at 8am.

During yesterday's walk, we decided that if I wanted to take William on a walk early, that I should just take him myself, because Terry is physically incapable of waking up early. He believes he has some special biological condition that makes him feel ill if he wakes too early in the morning (too early being anytime before 10am, generally). I think that's @#$#@ but I gave up arguing with him about this years ago.

This morning, William awoke just before 7am, and I was determined to go for a walk right when he finished eating. I asked Terry if he wanted to go, but he declined. So then I proceeded to explain to William that his father didn't love him anymore since he didn't want to go on a walk with him, and that his daddy was just going to watch out the bedroom window from the comfort of his bed as his mama struggled to push him and the stroller uphill over gravel for the first quarter mile of the driveway. With that, I successfully guilted Terry into joining us.

And I succeeded in getting us out the door by 7:17 am, a full two hours earlier than we left on Saturday morning. There was little traffic, just one small truck passed us. And it was cool, albeit really humid. Unfortunately, William still cried the first quarter mile, but this time not from being overtired but from messing his diaper (we changed it at the top of the driveway). So I guess the sweet spot for leaving for our walk will be not immediately after he's been fed, but after he's been fed and digested and finished pooping. THEN we should leave for the walk. Which is roughly 15 minutes after he's finished eating. I'll aim for that tomorrow.

Leaving early means we have to leave before eating breakfast (unless Terry prepares it while I'm breastfeeding, but that's highly unlikely) so I brought a few pocketfuls of Oreos to eat on the road. Every time Terry started to complain about walking so early, I pulled out an Oreo for him. It distracted him, and so worked like a charm.