Field of Crap Is Dairy Manure

Terry got the scoop on the smelly field while we were next door at the potluck yesterday. It was sprayed with cow manure.

In addition to the alpaca farm and adjacent field along Jones Mill Road, Billy Wagner also owns a dairy farm somewhere in the area. And he leases out both to the same farmer. That farmer takes the manure generated by the dairy farm and hires a trucking company to pick it up and spray it on the field, where he then grows corn to feed the cows.

But everyone in the neighborhood was put off by the stench that this created. Additionally, the trucks first started driving from 680 to Jones Mill to the field, but unbeknownst to them they were sloshing out manure into the road when they were going up the hill past the stream. Our neighbor Beth drove through the stuff on her way to the grocery store, and it wasn't until she got out of her car in the parking lot that she discovered her car stank to high heaven since the manure got splashed all up in the undercarriage when she drove over it. She went to the farmer's house and gave him a piece of her mind. The trucks then began driving from 810 to Jones Mill and only continued down the road to 680 when the trucks were empty and no more would slosh out near the stream.

So that's the scoop.